• Running days: 382
  • Total deposited: $ 201104.35
  • Total withdrawals: $
Our location: 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA, United Kingdom

Why we are different?

Trades are conducted concurrently on several accounts according to our trading system in semi-automatic mode, when the robot delivers signals and trader decides. Every account simultaneously operated by about 3 traders. Each account is used with individual settings, that are regularly updated. This approach allows to reduce risks and stabilize profits.


The distribution of profit

We summarize the positive and negative transactions for all accounts at the end of the trading day. The resulting profit is distributed between the investors, the company and reserve Fund.













Total profit

+0.9% (4.5/5)


Reserve fund

Reserve Fund was created for the purpose of replenishment and recovery of fixed capital in case of unforeseen losses. Our Fund is consist of 25% of the profits of the company. Also, we do conservative trade by money from Fund. It`s gives a small increase with minimal risk.